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Shared Experiences 

Trauma Relief


I am a 3rd year breast cancer survivor. Molly was able to identify areas in my body that still held memories of the chemo drugs and trauma of the entire ordeal. Molly was able to release these memories. Thanks to Molly I now feel that the final fog has lifted and I have a real sense of renewed life.

-Jean T

Pain Relief


I'm 61 and have always been in fairly good health. Over the past few years I've been bothered by swelling, abdominal aches and pains, sciatica, lower back stiffness and trouble focusing. I got limited results with other therapies. I continued to search and found Molly and called her. She is absolutely incredible. I can't say enough except I now have the results I wanted. If you are thinking, "I wonder if", call her!

-Anne T

Joint Pain


I have worked in the medical field for many years. Over the years I have needed Molly's help for two shoulder injuries, knee problems, back pain, fractured facial bones and jaw pain. On each occasion traditional therapy failed but Molly's treatment was successful. She is highly skilled and I recommend her therapy to anyone with chronic pain.

-Barbara N

Pelvic Pain Relief


I have been a patient of Molly Clark for 4 sessions in 3 months. I am a Certified Nurse Midwife/ APRN for well over three decades and have been on faculty at three schools of medicine. I mention this only so whomever may read this understands my grasp of the exceptional care and results I received. I had remarkable results from Ms Clark’s Lymphatic work. After her treatments, I went for my GYN visit which included a follow up pelvic ultrasound. The results were so good that they cancelled my endometrial biopsy. I believe this is due to Molly’s care as there was nothing else I did that would affect these results. When Molly worked on me I experienced a variety of sensations in other parts of my body. I have an understanding of referred pain, but this was not pain and it happened several times in each session. It was an amazing experience. I recommend Ms. Molly Clark, because her Lymphatic work skills are extraordinary!

-Janice H., CNM/APRN

Mind / Body Connection


Having already tried most traditional bodywork techniques for neck, shoulder and back problems, my nervous system was still not functioning normally. Searching for a non invasive healing therapy to enhance mind-body connection brought me to Molly Clark, who has greatly helped me to improve my health naturally.

-Will P



I have been treated by Molly three times. Each session was brief but changes were significant. My posture improved and is easier to maintain. I am a physical therapist and know that posture affects pressures and physiology throughout the body. I feel a profound improvement in breathing, digestion and pelvic organ prolapse. I now have a sense of more space and deep quietness in my body. My sleep has also improved. I sense more energy for what I love. One of Molly's Most amazing abilities is to meet each person both in mind and body exactly where they are. She does not push but encourages greater space of being. I am very glad to have met her and experienced her work.

-Christine L., Mystic CT



The Universal Rhythm work with Molly was profound for me. I felt that before the treatment, I was only functioning with 2/3 of my being. After the treatment I could feel 'all of me' integrated together. This resulted in positive life changing shifts which I attribute to this new integration. Thank you, Molly!

Tasha G-

Trauma & Pain Release


After Molly treated me in the Brain 2 class, the tissue memory trauma was released from my knee. The tibial (leg) pain that had agonized me for years disappeared. This is unbelievable but true.

-Lee J

Post Op Recovery


I underwent multiple foot surgeries, yet continued to have pain. I tried multiple therapies to relieve the pain. In a few sessions, Molly was able to find and treat the cause of my pain. Her therapy is efficient and painless. I highly recommend her work

D. Roberts-

Pelvic Pain Relieved


I am nearing 60 and I recently attempted to have a pap test. My cervix had tightened down and would not allow the procedure and it was very painful. Molly Clark was able to resolve the problem (with my clothes on!) so that the procedure could be done at my next appointment. I would never have thought that such an obscure problem could be addressed with manuall therapy. I'm so glad that I called Molly Clark and asked!




Molly is a very gifted therapist, and she has a keen ability to teach. She is extremely intuitive, and brings multiple modalities from her diverse training and experience to each session. I have received treatments for sinus issues, chronic low back and hip pain, and shoulder pain. Through her treatments and her instruction to me on exercises and practices for me to do at home, I have had significant improvements. I sought many other approaches over a year and a half for my back and hip with some relief, but no real resolution. In one session where she taught me a practice of very small, slow movements, done each day, in less time than other exercises I have been given, I am pain-free. Molly's expertise, teaching style, and, most importantly, her heart-based healing are truly spectacular.

-Joy K

Chronic Traumatic





I had a bike accident 40 years ago. Since then I have had difficulty pronouncing some words and I would run into things with my right side (door frames, tables, etc). Molly worked with my brain and I was able to pronounce the word aluminum for the first time in 40 years. I no longer run into objects with my right side. That treatment made drastic improvement in my life.

-Connie K

Stroke Recovery


Dr. Casey Campbell suffered 4 strokes at the age of 44. His strokes were bilateral plus two bleeds in the Cerebellum. We were told that he would never regain the ability to feed himself, speak or walk. Nearly 1 year into Casey's rehab we met Molly Clark, PT. When we met Molly, he had already been through months of physical, occupational and speech therapies. He showed slow progress and was denied inpatient rehab and lived in a nursing home, with outpatient physical therapy 2.5 hours a week. He was confined to a motorized wheelchair, due to left hemiparesis. Other deficits included moderate left neglect and speech difficulties. Cognitively, he struggled with problem solving and had a short attention span. He has seen Molly for Brain Therapy monthly for nearly a year. There were very noticeable improvements immediately following her work. After the second treatment, his regular nurse mentioned that his speech was the best she had heard since he had been living in the nursing home. Following another of Molly’s treatments, Casey’s left leg, which had been paralyzed started to wake up and he regained the ability to use his hip flexors and quadriceps. With continued treatments, I have observed improvement with his alertness and attention as well. While attending outpatient rehab his PT mentioned he had improved posture and speech and asked what other therapies Casey was receiving, this was it. Casey was finally approved for more intensive rehab again and jumping forward almost a year, is now able to dress himself, fix his food, speak fairly clearly and walk with a hemi walker for _____ feet. There are many factors that contribute to his success but it is my firm belief that Molly’s skills have made a noticeable difference throughout this process.

Stephanie J-

Trigeminal Neuralgia


I see Molly for trigeminal neuralgia, a very painful and complex problem.  Each time, I see improvements and am encouraged!  She's really wonderful!!

Karen S-

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